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Do you decide what you do with your own body? Whether to get pregnant? Who you love and how? Shockingly many women and men around the world are denied these basic rights by governments and by tradition.

And while that’s a tragedy for them, it’s also a tragedy for their communities and their countries – because denying women and girls their right to decide key issues in their lives keeps whole communities in an economic trap.

We can’t beat poverty without safeguarding sexual and reproductive health and rights - that’s why we’re asking for your support for the ‘I decide’ campaign. As world leaders decide on what replaces the Millennium Development Goals – we need to make sure that sexual and reproductive rights are at the heart of those new targets.

We’re aiming to get one million signatures to present to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in the summer of 2015. Please add your name and make a difference to millions of women, men and children around the globe.