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World Population Day 2013: young women, rights and pregnancy

World Population Day 2013: young women, rights and pregnancy

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World Population Day 2013 marks the 1st anniversary of the Family Planning Summit, London. To commemorate the event IPPF co-hosted a reception with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health (AAPG on PD&RH).

The theme of the day was “Healthy lives: young women, rights and pregnancy”. Baroness Jenny Tonge is chair of the AAPG on PD&RH. She outlined how it encourages initiatives to increase access to and improve reproductive and sexual health programmes worldwide. She stated “This year’s theme of ‘Adolescent pregnancy’ alongside the anniversary of the Family Planning Summit, gives us the opportunity to highlight the incredible difference that appropriate, accessible services can make in a young woman’s life - and in the life of her community.”

The event was supported by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Director, Peter Piot, highlighted the global situation of adolescent girls and sexual health. He highlighted the need for integrated services. “We must focus on the gaps in research and provision, especially for adolescents. And we all need to work together to fill those gaps.”

The FP2020 Group was created to hold governments accountable to their pledges at the Family Planning Summit. Director, Valerie deFillipo, reviewed the action so far and questioned areas where more political commitment is needed. She argues that “ the needs of adolescent girls and preventing unwanted pregnancies is key. FP2020 will focus on how it can especially reach out to them.”

Lord Tariq Ahmad also presented at the event. He spoke on the evidence that family planning has on development: “Women’s full participation in the economy has a profound impact.”

Chelsea Ricker, IPPF’s Youth Officer, highlighted the need to engage young people every step of the way in the programmes that are ultimately meant to benefit them: “We must  include young people in the decisions that affect them. ‘It’s nothing for us without us’.”

In closing our Director-General, Tewodros Melesse, stressed our work with civil society in ensuring that sexual and reproductive health and rights must be built into international agreements, post 2015: “Young people are the future and serving them means serving the future. We need to make sure youth are at the centre of FP2020.”

The results of the Annual Performance Report demonstrates our global impact and success in trebling service provision. This was an unprecedented pledge made at the Family Planning Summit.