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Featured blog

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights champions and policymakers from all regions of the world came together at the International Dialogue on Population and Sustainable Development in Berlin last October to discuss what the newly adopted 2030 Agenda holds for advancing SRHR as a key component of sustainable development.

    But how to make the rhetoric a reality? That was the question facing a panel of experts at the International Conference on Family Planning in Bali.

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Action to improve hospital conditions in GhanaConditions were so bad at Tema General Hospital in Ghana that within the first three months of this year 20 women had died. On one occasion four women were forced to share a bed in the maternity wards. In response to the dire situation at the hospital Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) decided to take direct action on maternal health. PPAG joined forces with other civil society organisations as part of the Mamaye Advocacy Coalition.
Emergency rescue

We deliver sexual and reproductive health services in peacetime and, in conflict or in the wake of disasters. Better understanding of reproductive health needs of those affected by natural disasters can save lives. 

In times of conflict and natural disasters women and girls are at even higher risk of rape and violence. Protection at the start of a crisis is absolutely essential.

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