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The right to chose: ASAP

The right to chose: ASAP

Access to safe abortion services is a basic right of any woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Women around the world have been denied this for too long.

IPPF has a committed history to abortion. The first IPPF Abortion Policy was approved in 1995 and in 2003 abortion was identified as a priority area of our work. We are dedicated to strengthening public and political support for the right to choose and access safe abortion and advocate for supportive laws and policies. Globally, through our Member Associations, IPPF increases delivery of safe abortion services while decreasing the barriers that women face in accessing those services. We also raise awareness of the impact that unsafe abortion has on public health and social justice.

Despite uneven global progress in early years, we have now made significant advances. To build on these advances we launched the Abortion Strategic Action Plan (ASAP) in 2012. This framework will accelerate progress in service delivery and strengthen advocacy. We will work to ensure access to the latest technologies and quality services for all women. It has a set of clear deliverables and targets against which progress can be measured. Member Associations' areas of work can be identified for targeted support and investment. Through this we will ensure that we deliver on our commitments. 

By the end of 2014, IPPF plans to deliver the following results:

  • „87% increase in the number of safe abortion services in 2014 and a doubling of services by 2015
  • „100% of 73 Member Associations with clinical facilities will be providing essential abortion service
  • 95% clients will adopt post-abortion contraception of which approximately 40% will be long acting or permanent methods.