Safe Abortion Action Fund

Safe Abortion Action Fund

The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) was established in 2006, in response to the US government's Global Gag Rule, as a multi‑donor mechanism to support global abortion‑related programming.

Hosted by IPPF, SAAF provides small grants to projects that promote safe abortion and prevent unsafe abortion through advocacy and awareness raising, service delivery and research activities, and has supported such projects for over a decade.

By the end of 2017 SAAF would have provided US$60 million funding to 191 projects in 50 countries. 

SAAF focuses on the needs of the marginalized and most vulnerable women and girls. By visibly funding projects using an international funding mechanism, SAAF works to destigmatize abortion and to legitimize the abortion debate.

Visit SAAF for an update on the availability of grants.