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East and South East Asia and Oceania

East and South East Asia and Oceania

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The East and South East Asia and Oceania Region encompasses 22 countries and delivers services through 8,300 service points.  Service delivery in the East and South East Asia and Oceania Region in 2011: 5.1 million contraceptive services 39 million condoms distributed 2.7 million sexual and reproductive health services provided to young people 2 million HIV-related services 173,000 abortion-related services Special initiatives to reach the most vulnerable groups: - In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia delivers frontline services to rural communities and provides training to government health personnel in maternal and child health, family planning, sexual rights, HIV prevention and services, and nutrition, life skills and hygiene - In 3 cities in Gansu province, the China Family Planning Association helps create a more supportive environment for men who have sex with men, which has already increased condom use significantly - The New Zealand Family Planning Association is implementing a large innovative outreach and education programme among Maori (indigenous) youth, who face high risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and teenage pregnancy - The Korean Member Association has successfully lead an advocacy campaign to change a labour policy to support working mothers: employers are now obliged to provide adequate rooms and time for mothers to breastfeed new infants

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