Design project: Redesign of Annual Performance Report

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About IPPF

Founded in 1952, The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is both a service provider and an advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights. The organization is a worldwide network of 130 Member Associations active in over 140 countries. IPPF through its Member Associations deliver healthcare services that range from maternal healthcare to comprehensive sex education to abortion care. IPPF is currently going through a strategic transition period, where its new direction will be focused on the future client, young peoples’ needs, wants and desires regarding their sexual and reproductive health. IPPF will continue to grow its external presence and this includes its brand identity, tone of voice and visuals (look & feel).

Brief outline

IPPF is seeking a creative agency to redesign its more important external facing document –

IPPF’s Annual Performance Report (APR) and its bitesize version - At a Glance (AAG).

The purpose of the redesign

The purpose of the redesign is to help guide the future look and feel of the IPPF brand and visual assets. The redesign of the APR and AAG will influence the future look and feel of the IPPF rebrand and strategic design process (currently until mid-2022). The successful agency will be highly favoured and considered for the strategic framework design work in Q2 of 2022.

The final redesigned APR should:

- Include all data and content in the existing APR (English only) and At a Glance (several languages)

- Be daring in design with an eye to the bigger rebrand of IPPF including all printed and digital collateral

- Engaging for traditional but also new audiences

- To tell the IPPF impact story in a visually engaging and refreshed well-designed way

- Move away from the traditional look and feel of reports that come from the sector

- Keep in mind the digitalized version and how the new design will translate online

Final deliverables:

- A redesigned APR (agreed rounds of amendments to be advised in proposal/pitch and agreed with successful agency)

- A redesigned At a Glance (agreed rounds of amendments to be advised in proposal/pitch and agreed with successful agency)

- The agency must provide all final design files upon completion for both documents

Link to our current APR:

Link to our current At a Glance:

The successful creative agency will have access to IPPF’s brand guidelines and assets.

However, IPPF is open to expanding our existing brand guidelines to accommodate the

updated look and feel.

Our APR & AAG audiences

- Donor governments, foundations, private high-net-worth individuals

- Sector partners

- Internal stakeholders including a very diverse set of Member Associations

- General public looking for impact data (digitalized version)

The successful agency must be able to demonstrate experience in the following areas:

- Creative design projects for commercial brands and/or non-profit organizations

- Understanding of existing and future design trends – printed & digital

- Ideally, can demonstrate a redesign project either for a commercial brand or nonprofit


- Brand and asset development

- Good project management including agreed delivery dates

- Good budget management

Please submit a portfolio and references and a budgeted proposal (please include the proposed number amendments) to Amina Khan at [email protected] with the subject line: APR & AAG redesign proposal

Budget: $15,000-20,000 (approximately £12,000-16,000 plus VAT)

Timeline: 8 - 12 weeks

Closing date for applications: 26 October 2021 

Due to budget lines, work must start in 2021 but can conclude in 2022.

Printing of the APR is scheduled for the end of May 2022 (tbc) and At A Glance end of June 2022. Content for both publications is developed from January onwards with data for tables in the APR Annexes finalized by end of April.

If you would like to discuss the brief further, please do get in touch with Amina Khan.

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