IPPF Strategy Design

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With less than two years remaining in the current strategic period, IPPF is due to develop its next strategic framework spanning the period 2023-28. The final strategy will be launched at the General Assembly in November 2022. The event also marks IPPF’s 70th Anniversary.

The purpose of the tender is to invite creative agencies to join our strategic process, and to accompany us on the strategic journey. We want you to help us shape a new language and look, and to craft purposeful narratives. We want you to help us find the place where new ideas live; and to amplify them in our on-going discourse. We want your help to “asset frame”, inspire, and communicate internally and externally.

IPPF wants to look beyond Cairo and to develop a new, inclusive and relevant agenda for SRHR. The landscape of SRHR has changed drastically since 1994 and we need to find a way to ensure we are relevant to our 2030 clients – who will be digitally and socially media savvy and will consume and receive services in a more innovative way that previous generations. We want to communicate with them and serve our 2030 clients in the most relevant, and meaningful way by putting them at the center of our work.

To apply, please submit a proposal to [email protected], before or on the 15th June 2021 by 5pm BST

The financial quote should be provided in the table attached:

Expenses, if any, will be reimbursed to the selected firm only in case they need to travel outside of the country, based on actual costs subject to the overall limits provided within the IPPF travel policy.

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