IT-based Knowledge Management System for the Women’s Rights Initiative

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IT-based Knowledge Management system for the Women’s Rights Initiative

The Women’s rights Initiative aims to support cross-regional high-level government officials in ensuring the highest level of support to gender equality and women’s rights in intergovernmental frameworks related to the Agenda 2030 and ICPD follow-up processes. It brings political leadership together and through strategic policy analysis, technical support, and intelligence. An independent initiative, hosted by IPPF, it supports political mobilization and coordination of government champions to support gender equality and women’s rights in multilateral fora. 

The Work:

IPPF is looking for a service provider to develop and set up a safe and user-friendly IT-based knowledge management system for the Women’s rights Initiative. The system should facilitate information and knowledge management within the Initiative, be accessible and managed internally by Secretariat members handling the information therein and uploading it but be visible for and accessible to the Members States from their respective countries. This platform should be the unique central and restricted repository of knowledge for the institutional memory of the Initiative. It should only be accessible and viewed by these stakeholders. The documents available may contain confidential and sensitive information

Please see cover letter & Terms of Reference for more information and how to apply.