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IPPF is commissioning research that will help broaden our understanding of trends in the changing SRHR landscape by exploring the values, aspirations and desires of the IPPF Clients 2030.

Roughly 40% of the world’s population is currently under the age of 25. In ten years, new generations of young people will be the main clients, staff and stakeholders of IPPF. The purpose of this project is to elicit a better understanding of a range of issues that young people are likely to face in the near future. What will their SRHR needs be, and how will IPPF best address these in a rapidly changing socio-political landscape?

Considering a broad range of data sources, the consultant/firm will describe a range of future clients who are representative of the diversity of IPPF’s global presence.


Please submit your bids/ proposal online at [email protected]. 

 The Proposals must be received by IPPF in the requisite format at mentioned email not later than 5 PM (BST) Monday 26 April 2021. 

 Note: The proposal in response to this tender must be submitted within the timeline presented above. 

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