Developing a background paper on decolonizing research and what does that mean for IPPF

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Overview of IPPF

IPPF is a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all. IPPF provides SRHR services in 172 countries and runs approximately 65,000 service points worldwide. It seeks to influence governments and other key decision-making bodies to make policy and legislative changes that support or defend SRHR. IPPF also conducts a range of education, awareness and empowerment programmes that support its key mandate of SRHR for all.

IPPF has a secretariat which operates across six regional offices and has four divisions within the London Office. IPPF has a staff complement of about 300 and across the different regions.

Overview of the engagement

In preparation to the new 2023-2028 Strategic Framework, IPPF is embarking on an extensive strategy design process, which started in December 2020 and included multiple stages and engagements with Member Associations, staff, donors and partners to gather insights on IPPF’s global objectives. The process is guided by the strong intention especially from IPPF’s Board of Trustees to be disruptive, inclusive and participatory. IPPF members are the main drivers of this process providing ideas, opinions and passion through-out the process. Among the ideas suggested for IPPF to engage on in the leadup to the new strategy is ‘decolonizing research’ even though IPPF isn’t classified as a research and/or think tank type of organizations, it is a civil society organization that designs its programs and provides services to those most in need based on data and evidence.

This role is Outside IR35.