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The sexual and reproductive health (SRH) indicators for Liberia make for uncomfortable reading. The linkages between the figures are all-too obvious: very high poverty levels, low contraceptive use, high fertility rates, and the highest child mortality rate in the world.

The Family Planning Association of Liberia (FPAL) is Africa’s longest established family planning organization. It provides family planning; information, education and communication around SRH; and services related to the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS including voluntary counselling and testing (VCT).

FPAL operates 92 service points, including 8 static clinics and 2 youth centres. It has a permanent staff of 26, and fieldwork is carried out by 42 community-based distributors (CBDs) and 134 peer educators.

FPAL is partnering widely with government departments to move the SRH agenda forward. FPAL works with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the National AIDS Control Programme, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Gender and Development, the National Population Council and the Liberia AIDS Commission. It partners with governmental organization (NGO) AFRICARE and the New Africa Research and Development Agency (NARDA), and receives additional financial support from AfricaCare.

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