Asociación Panameña para el Planeamiento de la Familia

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The Asociacion Panameña para el Planeamiento de la Familia (APLAFA) provides family life education for the young, offering information and education on family planning and human sexuality. It runs a subsidized contraceptive service, and has agreements with public health bodies to provide integrated health services in a number of locations across the country. To maximize the organization’s reach, it also works with a number of other agencies and with private physicians.

APLAFA also delivers paediatric and sexual and reproductive health services such as cryotherapy, ultrasound and infertility treatment. There’s a strong strand of vocational training in APLAFA’s work. It uses courses, talks, seminars and workshops to train skills to women to enable them to make a living, to lift them out of poverty, and to give them the economic influence which enables them to make decisions about their own fertility. 





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