IPPF people

IPPF is successful at doing what it does thanks to the commitment and dedication of its staff, volunteers and supporters. The Federation has a fully democratic governance structure which is made operational by unpaid volunteers and professional staff. See how our staff and volunteers are protecting and supporting sexual rights around the world.


IPPF has the largest global reach of any sexual and reproductive health organization due its dedicated volunteers. Hundreds of thousands work with the organization at grassroots level. They come from all kinds of backgrounds. Most have been directly affected by sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. Many are part of the most marginalized communities we seek to reach. All are passionately committed to IPPF’s vision and to advancing IPPF’s mission. You can read our volunteers' inspirational stories and how they're helping communities all over the globe. If you are interested in volunteering, approach your country’s Member Association


Transition Committee

At its December 2019 meeting, the Governing Council appointed a Transition Committee to lead the process of implementing the reforms recommended by the General Assembly. The transition committee consists of: Mr. Andreas Prager (Chair), Ms. Dyuti Krishnan, Ms. Waimarama Matena, Ms. Tracy Robinson, Dr. Sharman Stone, Ms. Esther Vicente, Ms. Julia Bunting and Ms. Aileen McColgan.


Governing Council


Directors' Leadership Team

The Directors' Leadership Team, based in the London Central Office and across 6 Regional Offices, comprises director-level finance, medical, technical, operations and advocacy staff. The Senior Management Team includes the Regional Directors.


Regional Directors

Regional Directors oversee and support the work of Member Associations.

See how our staff and volunteers are protecting and supporting sexual rights around the world.