Kristina Ljungros

Kristina Ljungros is president of RFSU (Swedish association for sexuality education. She has been a member of IPPF European Network for three years and was a board member of RFSU Stockholm for four years and was the President there for two years

She first became involved with RFSU in 2006.

She works as a consultant in the field of democracy, development co-operation and gender, and for  Sida – the Swedish development agency.

Previously Kristina worked at the Swedish Parliament and in the field of development co-operation for several NGOs in Sweden and in Eastern and Southern Africa, and the International Department at Church of Sweden.

Kristina has a degree in Political Science and Development Studies from Stockholm University and the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where she studied African Politics, development studies, HIV and gender.

Her key interests include advocacy, politics, human rights, abortion, gender, development co-operation/ LGBT, corporate social responsibility, and youth involvement.

Her other roles have included acting as board member for our company RFSU Ltd, Member of the Advisory Council for The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil.