Executive Committee

In May 2019, Governing Council established an Executive Committee to provide additional support and oversight to the governance reform process the Federation has embarked on.

The Executive Committee is made-up of three members of Council: Alice Ackermann, Tracy Robinson and Olgah Daphynne Namukuza.

The Executive Committee is dedicated to working with the Director-General, IPPF’s Secretariat and Member Associations to lead a shared reform process that will change how we are governed and run. Two independent reviews have been launched to guide the process.

The Executive Committee has a clear Terms of Reference based on these five key areas:

  • To oversee the work that the Director General (DG) undertakes in designing, instigating and co-ordinating an independent review of IPPF’s governance and resource allocation;
  • To ensure the involvement in that process of key stakeholders in the reform process;
  • To oversee the process of bringing back proposals for change for final approval;
  • To review the budget for the reform process; and
  • To receive and respond to queries and concerns from stakeholders about the reform processes and to report regularly to the members of GC on the progress of the work of Panel ExCo

Alice Ackermann

At the age of 15 years old, Alice decided to become a volunteer at Le Planning Familial in France to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. At 20 years old, she is a Comprehensive Sexuality Education peer-to-peer educator and has been training as a Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights counselor in Le Planning Familial branch in the city of Strasbourg. 

Advocating for youth empowerment and meaningful youth participation, she is the representative of her MA national youth group at the confederal governing council of Le Planning Familial. In 2019, as young feminist activist, she was a member of the French delegation at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 63 and has been advocating for a G7 feminist at the Women 7. 

Since June 2017, Alice has represented her region on IPPF’s Governing Council as a youth representative and is a youth representative on the European Regional Executive Committee. She is also a member of Youth Sexual Awareness For Europe (YSAFE) the IPPF EN youth network.

Alice believes in a feminist society where sexual and reproductive health and rights are human rights, where women, men, young people, migrants, people leaving with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ people and marginalized people are considered equals, are free to decide on their own bodies and lives and have an equal access to SRHR services of good quality, free, anonymously and nearby.

Alice is currently studying history at university.

Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson is a leading expert on gender and rights in the Caribbean, and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of the West Indies.

Tracy was a member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights between (IACHR) 2012 and 2015 where she served as its Rapporteur for the Rights of Women and the Rapporteur for the Rights of LGBTI Persons.

Tracy is a co-founder of the Faculty of Law University of West Indies Rights Advocacy Project (U-RAP) that has led strategic litigation in the Anglophone Caribbean on criminalization of LGBT persons.

Tracy has authored many papers and reports on gender and sexual rights and is a respected expert on gender and human rights in the Caribbean, providing judicial training in Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, and Trinidad and Tobago. She has also been a lead researcher on projects related to child support, sexual harassment, sex work and family law in the Anglophone Caribbean.

Olgah Daphynne Namukuza

Olgah is a development worker with special focus in sexual reproductive health and sexual rights.  She is driven to fight for the rights of young people through SRHR advocacy and activism, and is a passionate champion, advocate, trainer, peer mentor and community resource person for provision of SRHR services among young people in underserved communities.  

Olgah is an active participant of the Reproductive Health of Uganda (RHU) YAM as the Secretary General at National Level and a member of RHU National Executive Committee. She has represented RHU at the IPPF Africa Region Youth Forum and Regional Council meetings.

Olgah currently works at The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Alliance, a globally based alliance that works towards a society free of poverty in which all men and women, girls and boys, and marginalized groups have the same rights irrespective of their ethnic, cultural and religious background, age and gender. Her role is to coordinate and encourage active and meaningful youth participation.

Olgah is a graduate of the Makerere University in Uganda and holds a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies.