Governing Council

The Governing Council elects two honorary officers: the President/Chairperson of the Governing Council and the Treasurer. The meetings of the Governing Council are also attended by the Chairperson of the Audit Committee, the Honorary Legal Counsel, the Director-General and the Immediate Past President as ex-officio members.
Each region must be represented by at least one person under the age of 25 at the time of their election, and the regional representatives must be composed of at least 50% women. Governing Council Members have equal voting rights with the exception of the President/Chairperson, who has a casting vote in case of equality of votes, and the Immediate Past President, the Expert Advisers, the Audit Committee Chair , the Honorary Legal Counsel and the Director-General who do not have voting rights.

Governing Council positions

Rana Abu Ghazaleh (President/Chairperson)
Mahtab Akbar Rashdi (Treasurer)
Esther Vicente (Audit Committee Chair)
Aileen McColgan (Honorary Legal Council)

Rana Abu Ghazaleh, President/Chairperson 

Rana Abu Ghazaleh has been involved as a volunteer with IPPF’s Arab World Region and the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association, an IPPF member, for more than 15 years.

She has represented her Region on IPPF’s Governing Council as its youth representative and has served in several leadership roles as an elected volunteer on advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in Palestine and the Arab World Region.

A Fulbright Scholar, she holds a MSc in Urban Planning from the State University of New York at Buffalo, specializing in community and international/economic development and a BSc in Architectural Engineering from Birzeit University, West Bank

Governing Council Members

The 24 members on the Governing Council are as follows:

Africa Region

Ms. Namukuza Daphynne Olgah
Mr. Antonio Niquice
Ms. Clementine Guelmbaye Pouloumbodje

Arab World Region

Ms. Rana Abu Ghazaleh
Mr. Mohamed Tarek Ghedira
Ms. Maysam Shouman

East and South East Asia and Oceania Region

Dr. Chung Yul Lee
Mr. Andreas Prager

European Network

Ms. Alice Ackermann
Mr. Gabriel Bianchi
Ms. Gunta Lazdane

South Asia Region

Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi
Mr. Umesh Rudraradhya
Ms. Pramisha Shrestha

Western Hemisphere Region

Ms. Donya Nasser
Ms. Jovana Rios
Mr. Kobe Smith

Governing Council Expert Advisers

Mr. Leonel Briozzo
Lord Jonny Oates
Ms. Akiko Nakajo
Ms. Tracy Robinson
Ms. Jill Sheffield
Ms. Sharman Stone