Don't have sex

"No Sex" road sign

All these problems about sexual health. Solved at a stroke. 

UK Member of Parliament Nadine Dorries shot to fame amongst conservatives both in the UK and abroad with her 2011 proposal to require women to undergo ‘independent’ counselling before accessing abortion services.

Now she's back on her soap box. This time, her target is sex education.

Dorries’ new proposed bill, (first introduced to Parliament in May 2011) will have its second reading tomorrow. It will require schools to provide additional sex education. Oh, great (a sexual rights advocate like me might say) the more information, the better.

But Dorries wants that ‘extra’ information to focus on the benefits of abstinence: on how to "just say no". And (wait for it) that additional "just say no" education would be for girls. Only for girls. Not for boys. Just for girls, aged 13 to 16.

Let’s call this what it really is: an anti-sex campaign.

As with other such attempts to place the onus for sexual responsibility solely on the shoulders of women, and young women in particular, the Sex Education (Required Content) Bill reeks of misogyny and sexism - a case perhaps best articulated by an article by the British Humanist Society.

Just to add insult to injury, rumour has it that a cross-party group is planning to re-open the debate on the abortion time limit later this year. No doubt Dorries and her anti-sex compadres are lurking in the shadows behind this proposal, too.

If you are UK-based, you can write to your MP and urge him/her to vote against the proposals. You can also come to the protest happening on the morning of 20th January outside of Parliament.

IPPF Youth Officer (Access).