Legalize abortion and liberate women

International Day of Action for the Decriminalization of Abortion

On 28 September, IPPF joins human rights and pro-choice advocates across the world for the ‘International Day of Action for the Decriminalization of Abortion’. To ensure the highest standard in women’s health all governments must legalize abortion

This is a serious human rights issue. Each year, 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions. A staggering 5 million are hospitalized each year, a terrible proportion of whom suffer chronic disability. 

The criminalization of abortion leads to increased poverty and prevents women’s economic empowerment. These restrictive laws imprison women who simply want to continue their education or who are trying to improve the economic situation for their families. Unmarried pregnant teenagers suffer disproportionately from these laws. Sadly, 40% of unsafe abortions occur in under 24 year olds.

We welcome your support on Twitter, follow the chat on #SafeAbortion or help with our appeal for safe, legal abortion care.

Is it right to criminalise women for simply wanting to continue their education; for wanting to improve the economic situation of their families; for wanting to be good mothers?

Why should governments criminalise health care professionals who simply strive to provide the best quality of care for their patients?

How can we possibly continue to let women die from unsafe abortions? 

To secure the reproductive rights of women around the world, IPPF advocates for legal, safe and stigma free abortion care. Join our passionate call to ensure that women have the right to choose and access safe abortion care. 

  • Let’s recognise a woman’s right to choose the outcome of her pregnancy as a fundamental human right
  • Let’s celebrate the health care professionals who work to provide good quality abortion services, support the well-being of women and protect them from abuse
  • Let’s place more scrutiny on governments, ask why they restrict access to safe abortion services and hold them accountable for denying half their population their basic human rights