Sex and the Rio+20 summit

Rio+20 the future we want

"How can we hope for global sustainability unless we invest in sexual and reproductive health and rights?" asks Tewodros Melesse in this week’s British Medical Journal, ahead of the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development.

He’s adamant that IPPF should be vocal and visible at Rio, pushing for women’s representation, agreements on universal access to reproductive health and pledges to deliver those services. 

On Tuesday he’ll be visiting a 'favela' in Cachoeirinha, with BBC correspondent Liz Ford to see how IPPF’s Member Association is reaching out to vulnerable young people there.

If you’re at the summit, catch him speaking at these Rio side events:

Monday 18 “Sustainability Revisited: Population, Reproductive Health, and the Planet”

Tuesday 19  “Population Prospect and Sustainable Development”

Friday 22 “Dynamics of Rio: Population, Women and Rights”