United in the fight for sexual and reproductive rights

Today thousands of people round the world are marking 14 February as part of the 1 Billion rising campaign to call for an end to violence against women.  The campaign states that 1 billion women or 1 in 3 women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.  It is a stark reminder that the safety and protection of women and girls are still at risk. The reality is that the global fight to improve sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR) will strengthen their protection.

Young people are also a focus for a campaign today. All young people are entitled to their sexual and reproductive health rights  for their development and well- being and societies wherever they live. However, discrimination, stigma, violence, fear and ignorance and some cultural and traditional beliefs threatens young people’s rights around the world.

IPPF welcomes Amnesty International’s new My body, my rights campaign on sexual and reproductive rights for young people launched today.  This campaign is supported by a petition. 

IPPF works towards a world where women, men and young people everywhere have control over their own bodies. A world where gender or sexuality are no longer a source of inequality or stigma. Individuals should be free to pursue healthy sexual lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. We will not retreat from doing everything we can to safeguard these important choices and rights for current and future generations.