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Women often have to hide their sexual and reproductive health issues and concerns, for fear of stigmatization, or even coercion and violence. Nurse Leias Obed knows how to work around this.
The COVID-19 situation in Brazil has been making global headlines recently. We interviewed Dr Ilana Ambrogi to discover what impact this has had on the delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare, where inequalities have long-existed.
With coronavirus spreading rapidly and strict lockdown measures imposed on the movement of people, the Japan Family Planning Association has been discussing ways to continue to provide vital sexual and reproductive health services.
"Sexual and reproductive health represents a major public health issue in times of epidemics because women and girls can be more exposed. It is essential that we continue to offer services for treating infections and for family planning, pregnancy and childbirth. "
Like many healthcare providers around the world, Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK) have adapted their services in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We caught up FHOK's Executive Director, Edward Marienga, on how this has been achieved during these challenging times.
Healthcare workers are the backbone of any healthcare emergency response, and COVID-19 is no different. Despite the difficult circumstances many of them face, they continue to deliver vital healthcare to their communities. We talk to Malak Dirani, a midwife in Lebanon of the impact COVID-19 on her work.
Nine years of war have left Syria’s infrastructure – including healthcare systems – strained and exhausted. With the outbreak of COVID-19, healthcare systems will be placed under further pressure. We talk to the Executive Director of the Syrian Family Planning Association to discuss the impact of coronavirus.
North Macedonia has one of the highest coronavirus mortality rates in the Balkan region, with 15% of those infected being health professionals. HERA, IPPF's Member Association there, has been adapting to the sudden new challenges COVID-19 has posed for sexual and reproductive health.
This crisis, unlike any other in our recent history, has amplified the need to accelerate efforts to build strong and resilient health systems, and achieve progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). UHC means that all people can obtain quality health services that they need without suffering financial hardship.
FPA Sri Lanka have been quick to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. One of their many innovations is the hotline call center called 'Happy Life', with the aim of keeping people fully informed of their family planning options. We spoke to Executive Director, Thushara Agus, to find out more about the impact and their response.