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We are in the midst of a pandemic, and one way to slow down the spread of coronavirus is through implementing a lockdown and quarantine measures. This means confining yourself to your home with your family – which can also include your abuser.
An interview with Nino Tsuleiskiri​​​​​​​, Executive Director of Association HERA-XXI, on the impact of COVID-19 in Georgia.
From developing an interactive app with up-to-date health information, to increased community awareness projects, find out how the Sudan Family Planning Association is responding to the impact of COVID-19, in this interview with their Executive Director Elshafie Mohamed Ali.
It’s estimated that 214m women and girls are not using modern contraception despite wanting to avoid pregnancy. And this was before the COVID-19 pandemic, which is set to further derail access to contraception for women and girls globally.
Iran has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 cases in the world. IPPF spoke with Zahra Fathi, Executive Director of Family Health Association Iran, on the impact coronavirus is having on healthcare services, and on society in general.
Our Member Association in Albania has been forced to close most of their static and mobile clinics due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They are running a limited service from clinics in the capital, Tirana. They are now turning to new digital methods to provide care and information to the public.
Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Venezuela was already already in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. With the added strain, the limited healthcare services provided by Asociacion Civil de Planificacion Familiar (PLAFAM), have been forced to stop completely.
IPPF's Member Association in Lebanon - Lebanese Association for Family Health (SALAMA) - serves a large number of Syrian refugees. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, they have had to dramatically scale back their work with vulnerable communities.
To help reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, it's advised to practice social distancing and self-isolation if you or your partner exhibit symptoms. But what does than mean when it comes to sex? We've put together a short guide on sex and COVID-19, and things you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible.
Healthcare services around the world are adapting to the new challenges that coronavirus (COVID-19) presents. The Moroccan Family Planning Association, an IPPF member, is one of those service providers and we interviewed them to discuss the impact of the pandemic.