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The inspiration for delivering comprehensive sexuality education to young people digitally was propelled by the COVID-19 lockdown. Like other frontline healthcare providers, FPA was faced with unforeseen challenges about how to continue reaching their communities.
Accessibility to information and contraceptives has always been a priority for Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) especially working in partnership with schools to provide guidance, counselling, and contraceptive care to students.
When Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) saw a gap in the market the team developed an online contraceptive store and bespoke delivery service to better reach their clients.
The Foundation for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood (FPRP) runs 2 permanent clinics and provides a range of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services to the people of Aruba. FPRP is part of an umbrella organization known as the Caribbean ...