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Women around the world have faced multiple barriers to accessing safe abortion care during the COVID-19 pandemic including the de-prioritization of sexual and reproductive healthcare, overwhelmed health systems and restrictions on movement. The COVID-19 crisis has sparked innovation among IPPF Member Associations who responded swiftly by developing new approaches to reach women with safe abortion care including telemedicine and home-based provision of medical abortion.
Cameroon suffers from limited healthcare provision including contraception, abortion and HIV-related services. With support from the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative (GCACI), Cameroon National Planning Association for Family Welfare delivers comprehensive abortion and contraceptive care.
For the last six years, Aline Mekone Njanjo has slowly built up the trust of the community.Aline, a nurse by training, oversees services related to the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative (GCACI), which aims to increase access to comprehensive abortion care and contraceptive services.
When Hervé realized he had an STI, there was only one person he could turn to – peer educator Chariette. On her recommendation, he visited the Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare (CAMNAFAW). The care he received from the clinic inspired him to become a peer educator.
English language student Gertrude Zouakeu Noutcha's neighbor is a peer educator with the Cameroon National Planning Association for Family Welfare. When Gertrude needed advice on her relationship, her neighbor was there to help counsel them both. Her positive experience inspired her to become a peer educator.
With over 60% of Cameroon under the age of 25, the Cameroon National Planning Association for Family Welfare (CAMNAFAW) is tailoring their services to meet the needs of young people - from changing their opening hours to suit those in education to realizing the power of social media to spread accurate sexual health information.
Peer educator Chariette Socgnia Nguepi juggles her full time-time job as a phone counsellor for young people with organizing education sessions with young people on sexual health through Cameroon National Planning Association for Family Welfare (CAMNAFAW).
Wilfred is a 22-year-old gay activist in Cameroon, who worked as a community organizer in the organization Affirmative Action. Same-sex acts are punishable by imprisonment of up to five years and the media has repeatedly launched homophobic campaigns. Wilfred is ...
IPPF thrives because it has an immense base of volunteer support. Here, individuals all around the world share their thoughts on volunteering: Roger: “The spirit of volunteerism is what I feel most passionate about. There is always something to give ...
“Today, I am able to assume my sexual orientation because I have come out of the woods to claim my identity, and nothing will ever take it away from me.” (Project beneficiary) In Cameroon same-sex sexual activity is punishable by ...