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There are very few campaigns in Indonesia around women's health and reproductive rights that Atashendartini Habsjah has not been involved with. She looks back on her journey of becoming a feminist and campaigner for women's reproductive rights in Indonesia and the impact of the Cairo conference.
In September 2018, a huge earthquake struck Indri's home island, killing thousands. Relieved that she made it to safety, Indri also felt an urgent need to give back to her community.
In late September, a devasting 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia, quickly followed by a tsunami. IPPF and Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association need your help to ensure the sexual and reproductive healthcare needs of women and girls are met during this time of crisis.
Danish is a 23-year-old from Indonesia. While the criminal code does not prohibit same sex relations between consenting adults, traditional values influence societal disapproval of the LGBTI community. Danish is a staff member of the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA) ...
"My friend, who was living on the streets, knew of an IPPA outreach worker, so she asked for them to come and help me." One client, Tamara*, who uses drugs and was diagnosed with HIV in the 12th week of ...