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Safe Abortion Action Fund in Uganda

Hosted by IPPF, the Safe Abortion Action ...
"We open at 8am. From 8am we will be receiving a variety of clients for different services - whether post-abortion care, whether antenatal care - we have to give them all the services. We may end up to 10pm, because we'll never chase our clients, we'll never close the place when we have a client inside.

Empowering school students for change

Rural communities in Uganda have a high prevalence rate of gender inequality, sexual abuse and incest. There is little provision of sexual and reproductive health services and abortion is highly restricted. With training and support, peer educators have been educating friends about sexual and reproductive health.

Our staff never turn anyone away

At the end of a long day, Anicia, closes ...

A sex worker's story

"I’m 25-years-old and a mother of two ...

A husband and wife journey

23-year-old Jane Atenyo Franca is a ...
"I came here as a client, I loved the way they treat people. Now I'm a volunteer. Gulu is changing the lives of many people."