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One of the main reasons for the high teen pregnancy rate in Venezuela is the lack of sexual education that is taught in schools and colleges due to the lack of preparation and resources of educators on the subject as well as misinformation and lack of access to contraception and sexual health services
Venezuela has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Latin America yet sexuality education in schools is not mandatory. Dangerous misconceptions about pregnancy and abortion abound: teenagers think that if they've done it once and not got pregnant, they ...
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As part of our work in tackling abortion stigma, IPPF awards small grants to young people to create projects that would tackle the issue of abortion stigma in their communities.
The Associacon Civil de Planificacion Familia (PLAFAM) is recognized as a pioneer in advocacy and the delivery of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in Venezuela. Considerable strides have been made since the early 2000s in introducing legislative changes to ...