IPPF projects at risk because of the Global Gag Rule

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The Global Gag Rule and IPPF

What is it?

The Global Gag Rule (GGR) denies U.S. funding to organisations like IPPF if they use any money to provide abortion services, counselling or referrals. It blocks critical funding for services like contraception, maternal health, and HIV prevention and treatment. Evidence from previous legislation shows that eliminating access to contraception leads to more unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

How does it affect IPPF?

People who are getting voluntary family planning information, education and services may need other types of healthcare such as HIV testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening, or maternal health services. IPPF also covers work on sexual and gender based violence like rape, female genital mutilation and early and forced marriage. This integrated approach means that GGR funding losses will have a knock-on effect on an array of services.

What will happen

IPPF has been partnering with USAID to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services for millions of men and women in the poorest and hardest to reach communities around the world.
With the Global Gag Rule’s reinstatement, many of these people will no longer have access to essential USAID-funded reproductive health services.

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Albertina's story: ground-breaking project to help people living with HIV

People from different countries have come to learn from Albertina and her ground-breaking project that has changed the culture around HIV in Maputo. Despite its success, GGR will cut funds to the project.

“We estimate half million people across their HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and family planning projects will be affected.”

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Integrated HIV testing and sexuality education for students in Burundi

Collaborating with schools, ABUBEF has been offering both medical care, HIV testing and sexuality education to students in Bujumbura. These clinics are now due to close because of Global Gag Rule.

"if there are not regular visits by the medical staff from the clinic, then we will have no one to seek information and advice from."

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Bringing contraceptive care to the most remote villages

In Uganda, women in remote communities rely on mobile clinics and services from IPPF's Reproductive Health Uganda. As a result of GGR, many of these services are facing cuts and thousands of women have been put at risk.

“Women will walk for many miles to a health clinic and find that they cannot provide the services."

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Why we wouldn’t sign the policy?

IPPF believes reproductive health is a right and everyone should be able to make choices about their well-being. Therefore IPPF will not support policies which actively restrict or violate an individual’s right to choose.

The Global Gag Rule not only undermines but violates these rights and therefore, IPPF cannot and will not support it.

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