Climate Change: Time to “Think Family Planning”

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As negotiations begin in Marrakesh for COP22, we are delighted to share a new toolkit for climate change advocacy. In Climate Change: Time to “Think Family Planning”, IPPF and the Population & Sustainability Network highlight that family planning is a critical, human rights-based, and cost-effective approach to climate change adaptation and resilience building.

This advocacy and communications toolkit is aimed at national family planning advocates to enable them to engage in climate change policy discussions to further, not only family planning goals, but also contribute to climate change objectives. We hope that this toolkit will be useful beyond COP22 negotiations and encourage longer term advocacy in the area of climate change and family planning.

What’s COP?

The Conference of Parties, or COP, is the decision-making body of the United Nations which deals with climate change. At each annual gathering of COP, delegates discuss topics including climate change adaptation strategies.

Why does COP matter to sexual and reproductive health and rights advocates?

Adaptation strategies help communities cope when living with climate change. Family planning is a recognised adaptation strategy. We want to ensure that at COP22 in Marrakech, which opens on 7 November 2016, climate change decision-makers Think Family Planning.

Key messages

  1. Family planning is a human rights based adaptation strategy;
  2. Family planning projects are eligible for climate change adaptation funding;
  3. Family planning is a costeffective climate adaptation strategy;
  4. Family planning must be stated as a climate adaptation strategy in national plans; and
  5. Population growth, in part resulting from the unmet need for family planning, makes climate adaptation and resilience building more challenging.


  1. Download the advocacy toolkit to learn more about advocating for family planning as a climate adaptation strategy; and
  2. Download the communications toolkit to help share our key messages in the run up to COP22.