Realizing a China-Africa Dream: Strengthened China-Africa Health Collaboration to Contribute to Universal Health Coverage

Round table participants

Beijing 29 March 2015: As a build-up event to the forthcoming Ministerial Forum on China-Africa Health Development and 6th FOCAC Meeting in South Africa, key policy recommendations were agreed by participants at the 5th International Roundtable on China-Africa Health Collaboration. IPPF warmly welcomed the outcome of the meeting which it said was very timely as FOCAC marked its 15th anniversary. IPPF urged FOCAC co-organisers to consider and strengthen the South-South Collaboration for realizing universal health coverage.

The roundtable meeting participants agreed to the following six policy recommendations:

  1. Collaboration between China and African governments, as well as with international organizations, civil society and the private sector, should be strengthened through dialogue and knowledge exchange;
  2. Collaboration should reflect local priorities in beneficiary countries and be guided by existing national, regional and global policy frameworks;
  3. China and African countries should increase their investments in health;
  4. China and Africa should together develop resilient and sustainable health systems;
  5.  Chinese and African partners should foster new forms of cooperation aimed at actively enhancing innovation, manufacturing and delivery of health commodities;
  6. Chinese and African government should increase monitoring and evaluation of joint efforts to ensure accountability and transparency of health service delivery.

Dr Ren Minghui, Director-General of International Cooperation of NHFPC of China said: “By engaging together and with the six recommended areas we would like to start a new era of China-Africa health collaboration.”

Dr Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko, Commissioner for Social Affairs at the African Union said: “The African Union is happy to be part of the roundtable as health is a very important issue for Africa. We need to strengthen health systems in Africa now to prepare for future health crises like the Ebola outbreak.”

Mr Lin Songtian, Director-General of the Department of African Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “China-Africa relations are on the fast track.  Based on the principle of mutual trust as well as innovative and practical cooperation, China will work with African countries as equal partners.”

Professor Cheng Feng of Tsinghua University said: “The outcome of the meeting was a result of our long inclusive preparation process which involved the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders and laid  out the China-Africa dream for the future.”

Dr Yilma Melkamu, Director of Programmes of IPPF Africa Region, said: “IPPF, as a civil society organization with a network of vibrant Member Associations and partner organization in 40 countries across Africa, very much looks forward to working with partners under the FOCAC health framework. We hope to fill the gaps between governments, grass-roots community organisations and UN agencies to help create universal reproductive health services”