Mexico’s Supreme Court votes to decriminalize abortion

abortion is now decriminalized in Mexico

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) welcomes the unanimous decision taken by the Supreme Court of Mexico to decriminalize abortion.

The decision is a step closer for women and pregnant people to fully exercise their reproductive rights and bodily autonomy through safe and legal abortion care. 

Abortion is legal in four out of the 32 federal entities in Mexico. Only four other countries in the region - Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, and Guyana have almost unrestricted and legal access to abortion care.

Eugenia Lopez Uribe, IPPF’s Regional Director for the Americas and Caribbean said:

“This historic ruling by the Supreme Court of Mexico is thanks to the feminist movement in Mexico and in the region, who have been relentless in their fight the law to recognize the dignity and humanity of people seeking abortion care. This decision will continue the Green Wave ripple effect across the region - we look at Argentina last year and now Mexico, these movements give us hope and motivation to continue to fight for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.”


Esperanza Delgado, Strategic Director for Advocacy and Interinstitutional Relations of MEXFAM added:

“September 7 will become a memorable date in Mexico. In a progressive pronouncement in favour of reproductive autonomy, respect for the secular State, and the rights of women and pregnant people over those of the embryo, Mexico's highest legal authority indicated that it is unconstitutional to punish those who decide to terminate a pregnancy at its early stage.  

“All of us who have joined forces and who are fortunate enough to fight for the recognition of human rights, should be proud and may our achievement inspire others in every corner of the planet. MEXFAM is committed to making this long-awaited legislation a reality for every person that decides to choose.”



Image: Getty Images