Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative (GCACI)

Expanding access to safe abortion is a key priority for IPPF and our Member Associations. A programme at IPPF since 2008 and now in its third phase, the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative (GCACI) is central to this work. 
GCACI currently supports 14 IPPF Member Associations across four regions to provide quality comprehensive abortion care, increase the uptake of post-abortion contraception and increase access to contraceptive services through service provision in 121 Member Association clinics. 

From 2013 – 2015 the programme supported Member Associations to provide approximately 190,000 clients with comprehensive abortion care and 93 per cent of these clients were provided with a method of contraception post-abortion. In addition, 1.8 million clients were provided with a modern method of contraception. 

Member Associations focus programme strategies on ensuring high quality of care standards are met and maintained in their clinics, and that clinic staff are fully trained and competent in the provision of abortion and contraceptive services. 
Member Associations work within their communities to raise awareness about the availability of safe abortion services, deterring people from using unsafe abortion methods. Through information, education and communication, people are sensitized about the importance of safe abortion and contraception, and common myths surrounding abortion and contraception are addressed.  

Through the Global Comprehensive Abortion Care Initiative and our core abortion work, IPPF will continue to support and facilitate a woman’s right to choose and access safe abortion as an integral part of her sexual and reproductive rights.