HIV and STIs

The majority of HIV infections are sexually transmitted or are associated with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. 

Our work links prevention with treatment, care and support, reduces HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and responds to unique regional and national characteristics of the epidemic.

This Pride Month, we’re celebrating just some of the noteworthy LGBTI people of color who have had a unique impact on the world, whether through activism, entertainment, literature and more. Learn more about them in this quiz!
People are being forced from their homes more than ever. Whether fleeing conflict or losing homes to natural disasters, there are an estimated 70.8 million refugees worldwide, with women and girls often most at risk. We want to know: what would you do under these circumstances?
The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis across every setting, and that includes sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH). We’ve put together a short quiz to bust some myths you might have heard when it comes to SRH and coronavirus.
To download your poster just click on the image and get printing! We would love to see where your poster ends up, whether it's at a march or on your wall, or anywhere else.
About half the world’s population menstruates at some point in their lives, but periods are still a big taboo in many places. What do you really know about the flow? Find out in our quiz...
Condoms have existed in some form or other for centuries, and they remain one of the most popular forms of contraception for their ease of use, portability and price. What else do you know about the trusty condom? Find out in our quiz...
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11 October marks International Day of the Girl Child, a time to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges they face around the world. Find out what you do and don’t know about these issues in our quiz.
When a cyclone, earthquake or conflict strikes, sexual health is not normally the first thing people think of. But in reality, maintaining sexual and reproductive health and rights during a crisis is vital to keeping people safe and well – find out more in our quiz!