Every young person has to make  life-changing decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. However many of them cannot access clear, evidence-based information. IPPF's comprehensive sexuality education programmes enable young people to make informed decisions about their sexuality and health, while building life skills and promoting gender equality.

“In our home countries we’re supposed to have some sex education, but the teachers often tear those pages out of the biology books. The subject of sex is taboo.” 
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Many young immigrants arriving in Sweden have limited or no knowledge about sexual health. The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education in Sweden (RFSU), a member association of IPPF, has been working to help fill the gap by providing sexual health ...
IPPF has secured boosted funding from the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida). Funding will rise from US$12m in 2012 to approximately: US$16.5m in 2013, US$18m in 2014 and US$20m in 2015. Charlotte Petri- Gornitzka, Director General of the Sida ...