Climate change: Time to think "family planning". A communications toolkit

In this Communications Toolkit, we summarise how family planning for climate change arguments can be edited into key messages and how those key messages can be used to reach advocacy targets in the run up to COP22, the next Climate Change Conference, to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, from 7 to 18 November 2016.

Key messages

1. Climate change is simultaneously the greatest threat to human health, and the greatest threat to environmental sustainability;

2. Family planning is a human-rights based adaptation strategy;

3. Family planning projects are eligible for climate change adaptation funding;

4. Family planning is a particularly cost-effective climate adaptation strategy;

5. Family planning should be included as a climate adaptation strategy in national plans;

6. An integrated approach to development programmes provides partnership opportunities for the health sector and beyond;

7. Population growth, in part resulting from the unmet need for family planning, makes climate adaptation and resilience building more challenging; and

8. Climate change will increase strain on healthcare services. Rights-based family planning must be an integral part of any comprehensive health care system, in all countries of the world.