Financial Statements 2013


Financial Statements 2013


Executive summary

Due to consistent support from its donors IPPF has seen unrestricted income from governments rise by 12%, supporting an increase in grant expenditure of 12%. The increase in expenditure has enabled IPPF Member Associations to increase overall services by 21% to 137 million services. The increase in services ahead of expenditure was supported by the organization change goal “Perform” which focuses on improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Income in 2013 of US$136.1 million

IPPF’s unrestricted income from governments of US$72 million grew by US$7.5 million (12%) from US$64.5 million in 2012 due to increased programme funding by the governments of Germany (US$1.5 million), Sweden (US$4.6 million) and Switzerland (US$1.2 million). India also became an unrestricted donor for the first time. Restricted income from governments also grew by US$4.1 million due to increased funding from the governments of Canada (US$1.8 million), Denmark (US$1.4 million), Finland (US$0.7 million), Germany (US$0.5 million), Netherlands (US$3.9 million) and the UK (US$1.8 million). In addition IPPF received US$3.5 million of donated commodities from UNFPA an increase of US$1.2 million from 2012.

However, IPPF’s total income from governments, foundations and other sources fell by US$8.7 million between 2012 and 2013, a decrease of 6%. This comprised a rise of US$7.4 million in unrestricted income (9%), and a fall in restricted income of US$16 million (24%). In 2012 IPPF received a legacy donation of US$15 million to support youth activity and work in Mexico. This one off event was the major cause of the comparative reduction in income between 2012 and 2013. Over the past five years, total income from governments, foundations and other sources has increased by US$16.4 million (14%).Unrestricted Income from multilaterals and other sources remained constant at US$6.9 million, while restricted income from them fell from US$42.1 million to US$22.3 million in the main because of the receipt of a one off legacy of US$15 million legacy in 2012.

The unrestricted funding we receive from our major donors provides for 10% of the total income received by the Federation’s grant receiving Member Associations (based on 2012 Member Association financial statements), and provides the investment for strengthening of service delivery, advocacy and performance that underpins the Federation’s progress in achieving the targets set for its change goals. This improvement includes delivery of 137 million services (2012 113 million) comprising of over 66 million services to young people up 47% on 2012, 3.0 million abortion services up 40% from 2012 and 25 million HIV services up 30% from 2012. The Federation also supported 97 successful policy and legislative changes in support or defence of sexual reproductive health services and rights. The increase in total services of 21% was considerably higher than funding increase as the organization continued to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Unrestricted funding will continue to play a key role in enabling IPPF to meet its commitment to defend sexual rights and double services delivered by 2015 from 2010 levels.