Healthy, Happy and Hot: A young people's guide to rights

Healthy, happy and hot: a young people’s guide to their rights, sexuality and living with HIV

celebrates the sexual rights of young people living with HIV

promotes the sexual health of young people living with HIV

recognises the diverse forms of sexual pleasure young people experience

insists that services respect the rights and dignity of people living with HIV

reinforces the right of people living with HIV to make choices about parenting

"Sexual and Reproductive Rights are recognized around the world as human rights. Every person living with HIV is entitled to these rights and they are necessary for the development and well-being of all people and the societies in which they live."

Young people living with HIV have the right to:

  • express and enjoy their sexuality
  • decide if, when, and how to disclose their HIV status
  • experience sexual pleasure
  • take care of their sexual health
  • practise safer sex
  • choose if, when, how many, and with whom to have children
  • access support and services that respect their dignity, autonomy, privacy and well-being

Young people with HIV need to know about everything that can affect the choices they make about whether or not to be sexually active. These include understanding any laws relating to HIV; learning about sexual pleasure, consent, safer sex, STIs and pregnancy prevention; planning a family and minimising the risk of HIV transmission; safe abortion; and how to access youth-friendly services.

If you are a young person living with HIV, whatever your current relationship status, whether you want to be sexually active now or not, whatever your sex and whatever your gender identity, this guide is for you!


  • tips for telling sexual partners your HIV status
  • fact boxes on STIs, Hepatitis, safer sex and consent
  • fact box on family planning