India spotlight on family planning: Tracking progress on FP2020 pledges

The Family Planning Association of India (FPA India), the IPPF Member Association in India) and other civil society organizations (CSOs) have identified a number of ‘high priority’ pledges: progress towards these pledges is critical for increasing access to modern family planning (FP) methods.

The government has made some progress towards its pledges, but existing efforts are not enough to deliver on its promises by 2020. In additional, other problems and gaps have emerged. The government must address these problems urgently.


Civil society calls on the government to:

  1. Increase the budget allocation for young people’s sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning, to reduce unmet need in this under-served group.
  2. Engage civil society organizations at every stage of health service delivery, from strategic planning through to evaluation. Currently, civil society engagement often occurs only from the implementation stage.
  3. Invest resources to monitor and improve the quality of care in public health services, to promote client-centered, non-discriminatory and confidential care to all.