IPPF Medical Bulletin: Comparing injectable contraceptives

IMAP1 has developed this Statement because of recent shortages of DMPA in many countries. It provides, firstly, information and guidance to IPPF Member Associations which may need to procure NET-EN instead of DMPA and, secondly, offers guidance on how to enable clients to make a smooth transition from DMPA to NET-EN when medication shortages occur.

What are DMPA and NET-EN?

DDMPA and NET-EN are both progestogen-only injectable contraceptives. DMPA is the most widely used progestogen-only injectable and is also known as Depo, Depo Provera, Megestron and Petogen. NET-EN is also known as norethindrone enanthate, Noristerat and Syngestal. They are both available as an intramuscular injection, and DMPA is also available in some countries as a subcutaneous formulation (known as depo-subcu or Sayana Press). 

Differences and recommendations are described in the report.