Models of Care Project: Linking HIV services in SRH settings

HIV/AIDS has infected and affected millions of people worldwide. To date, few governments have been willing and/or able to invest the level of resources needed to respond, especially as the epidemic disproportionately affects developing countries. In April 2001, the Secretary General of the United Nations made a public call for a ‘war chest’ to fight the disease. His voice was soon joined by many others and, in January 2002, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created. The Global Fund aims to make a significant and sustainable contribution to combating the three diseases by channelling large amounts of additional funds – from public and private sources, including governments, multilateral agencies, foundations and businesses – to countries most in need. By May 2005, it had signed agreements worth US$ 2.4 billion for 279 grants in 125 countries.