Post-2015 made simple: Shaping the future of sexual and reproductive health and rights

Are you confused about the post-2015 development framework? Are you aware that this is a really important issue and that it could have a lasting impact on your community in the years to come? Are you unclear about who is making the decisions, when they are being made and how you can get your voice heard? Are you working to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights? Then this briefing pack is for you.

We explore the following questions:

  • „„What is the post-2015 development framework, and why is it relevant to us?
  • „„What is coming next, and how can we engage with the process?
  • „„What have we ‘won’, and what do we still need to advocate on?
  • „„What has taken place so far in the process, and how did we get here?