SPRINTing towards change: sex and pregnancies in emergencies

Crises, whether human-induced or caused by natural hazards, can inflict untold suffering and hardship, particularly on women. Problems related to sexual and reproductive health are the leading cause of death and ill health globally for women of childbearing age.

In crises, this vulnerability increases, while access to services decreases. It is estimated that tens of thousands of women and girls are subjected to sexual assault in conflict situations each year around the world. The SPRINT Initiative provides one of the most important aspects of assistance that is often forgotten when disaster and conflicts strike.

SPRINT is delivering practical solutions for girls and women, training humanitarian workers to deal with pregnancy, childbirth, reproductive health and the aftermath of rape and violence. The Initiative also engages in political processes, working towards raising awareness, strengthening coordination, and building capacities to provide sexual and reproductive health services in crises. SPRINT is practical, effective and it saves lives.