Eliminating discrimination against women to create equal opportunities

Mauritanian girl

The world is home to the largest generation of young people in history. They are a vastly diverse group of individuals whose life circumstances, including opportunities and obstacles to improve their lives, vary significantly from one country to the next, and even from one area to another within a single country. Many young people have yet to exercise their basic right to choose a life that they value. In many societies, girls and young women have a lower status than males which means that they have less power to determine their own lives and decisions relating to their health and sexual and reproductive activity.

Faha wanted to finish school and get a job, but her parents decided it would be pointless for her to finish school, as even high school graduates are unemployed. Instead, a husband was found for her. He was an older man who could pay a good bride price, and they were quickly married when she was just 13.

Two years later she became a mother. Through education by our Association, Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of the Family (AMPF) Faha discovered she was entitled to contraception and promised herself that she would wait 3 years before having another baby.

“I was sad to leave school... I liked learning and seeing my friends. I was scared when I got married. No one, not even my mother, told me about sex and having children.”