A safer, healthier life for men who have sex with men in Gansu Province, China

CSE session and condom demonstration


"I feel healthy, rather than diseased."

One peer educator involved in the project was Huang. As a Muslim, he felt very isolated.

"I met my first partner when I was 16. We were together for three years. His father was a university professor and his mother a psychologist. But they could not accept his sexuality. He committed suicide due to too much family pressure to stay away from me. I never recovered from that shock. I still grieve for my partner. He was my true love.

“My father knows about my sexuality – but not my mother. She is very religious and will& not accept it.

“When I found out I was gay, I thought I was not normal. Being involved with the project, doing outreach work and networking with others gives life a meaning for me. It is good to know I am not alone. I lead a much happier life now. I feel healthy, rather than diseased.”