Sharing energy and passion with others


Faiza Aziz is a dedicated and committed volunteer of IPPF's Member Association in Pakistan, Rahnuma the Family Planning Association of Pakistan. She is currently a member of the UNFPA Global Youth Advisory Panel of UNFPA representing the South Asia region.

"Volunteering has made a real difference to my life. I'm not the same person as I was 5 years ago. Now I can empathize with others and I have learnt so much. I have been to the most rural areas of Pakistan and met young people who I would probably never have met in my life.

In a country like Pakistan there are a lot of social, cultural and religious barriers which makes it very hard to reach out to young people, even just anyone in general. As the word "Sex" is taboo, talking to someone about it, even your friend or your parents is considered something bad.

I wanted to become involved with Rahnuma when I saw the youth-friendly services they were offering. Apart from youth centres they also had a youth radio show and provided mobile health camps.

My motivation has always been to bring that learning to others and to share as much of these experiences as I can with other young people and volunteers.

I will always be committed to public promote key sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. I helped to establish the Rahnuma National Youth Network. It was the very first democratic youth network in Pakistan to work on sexual and reproductive health. I also assisted with IPPF's regional youth network, South Asian Regional Youth Network (SARYN). SARYN has created a strong link between the National Youth Networks, every young person in all of IPPF's Member Assocaiations is now connected through SARYN. We learn from each other and share our best ways in order to contribute better.

So many people have supported me. I have so many mentors at Rahnuma, both volunteers and staff. I also want to acknowledge my Mum. She has always supported me in all my youth efforts and without that I would not have been able to do all that I have for others."