Volunteer to a career: Kadajata in Mauritania


In Mauritania, Kadajata now works as a full-time nurse, thanks to a long stint as a volunteer with the Association Mauritanienne pour la Promotion de la Famille (AMF). But it could have been very different.

As a volunteer, she played an active and vigorous role educating the community about family planning, and encouraging them to visit the local clinic and women’s centre. It was work which she found rewarding, fulfilling and necessary. 

Not long after she’d started, Kadajata’s husband intervened and attempted to stop her from visiting the clinic, to stop her from working with AMF, and to make her stay at home. The clinic director decided to approach him directly to discuss the issue. He explained the importance of her work: how much AMF depended on local, ordinary, respected, community members whose advice they’d be far more likely to heed than that of an outsider.

Kadajata’s husband relented. More than that, he offered his own time as a volunteer. Soon after, Kadajata became a professional nurse thanks to the confidence, experience and skills she had gained while volunteering with AMF. It was a life-changing move for her and for her family.

It’s the kind of positive story which might not be deemed important in any national news agenda. But for the people Kadajata reached, for Kadajata herself, for her husband and for AMF, it’s a story which absolutely encapsulates the spirit and value and benefits of IPPF’s committed volunteer culture. 

Kadajata volunteered with the Association Mauritanienne pour la Promotion de la Famille in the Arab World Region.