Volunteer voices from around the world

Young volunteers

IPPF thrives because it has an immense base of volunteer support. Here, individuals all around the world share their thoughts on volunteering:


“The spirit of volunteerism is what I feel most passionate about. There is always something to give. There is no such thing as empty volunteerism. You cannot volunteer ‘nothing’! 

“I love improvement, not only change, but improvement. Everything has the potential for improvement – and that is what creates challenges to me."

Roger is a volunteer with the Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare in the Africa Region.  


"I believe we, the youth, together can bring about change, and I am grateful to IPPF for polishing our skills and giving us a platform to grow and make this world our dream place. Every single moment of my journey as a volunteer was fruitful and fulfilling. It was a practical training of self expression and empowerment.  I believe in thinking positive, I believe in finding solutions.”

Sadaf volunteered with the Family Planning Association of Pakistan, in the South Asia Region. 


“My work with Profamilia generated a life-long love of, and commitment to, working with the community. It honed my organizational and leadership skills and helped other areas of my life, like when I was appointed mayor of my local town.

“I think the qualities needed for a successful volunteer are good interpersonal skills and an ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Someone who believes in the issues, wants to learn more and is prepared to handle criticism. SRH is not always fashionable and in some societies it is controversial: the volunteer’s role is to make it fashionable, to link it to contemporary issues, and to always make sure that SRH is relevant.”

Angela volunteered with Profamilia in the Western Hemisphere Region.  


“I’ve seen many youths, their parents and teachers changing their attitude towards sexual reproductive health and I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Amu volunteered with the Family Planning Association of Nepal in the South Asia Region. 


"The youth programmes at the Family Planning Association of Nepal attracted me to be involved in the youth activities. Today I can openly talk about the SRH issues in my family, community and friends. As we know that young people are sexually active, they need complete knowledge on sexual and reproductive health. I believe my work is helping to make positive and significant change in the fight against HIV and AIDS in Sri Lanka, and I’m very proud to be a youth volunteer with IPPF."

Niraj volunteered with the Family Planning Association of Nepal in the South Asia Region. 


"I’m an ex-drug user. Due to my addiction, my life became unbearable. I failed university, lost the trust of my family and left for Russia, where my addiction became even worse. I got help in Russia and decided to come back and try to get my life under control.

“After seeing TFPA’s advertisement for outreach workers, I joined the organization and, since then, it has changed my life a lot. I’m very happy with my work. I’m able to help and share my experiences with other young people with drug problems. My main goal is to help others to overcome the pain of social exclusion and show them ways of getting back into 'normal' life."

Najim volunteered with the Tajikistan Family Planning Alliance in the European Network.

If you feel you would be interested in volunteering to work with IPPF, contact the Regional Office which covers your country.