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“After the earthquake, there were so many problems. So many homes were destroyed. People are still living in temporary homes because they’re unable to rebuild their homes.” Pasang Tamang lives in Gatlang, high up in the mountains of northern Nepal ...
The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal brought death and devastation to thousands of people – from which many are still recovering. But there was one positive outcome: after the earthquake, thousands of young people came forward to support those affected as volunteers.
IPPF volunteers in Nepal work to empower women with contraceptive choices that will benefit their lifestyle, and also work with husbands in the community to break down patriarchal attitudes that impact women's health.
There are an estimated 200,000 trafficked Nepali girls and women in Indian brothels. Sunita, 19, was trafficked to India when she was 17. Now, Sunita is sharing a mushroom farm financed by IPPF, and has high hopes for the future.