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Family Planning Association of Malawi's (FPAM) trains local sex workers to become peer educators within their community. Peer educators cover topics from STI treatment to gender based violence. The Global Gag Rule (GGR) forced this particular Linkages peer educator project to close in 2016.
The Global Gag Rule (GGR) was designed to target abortion related healthcare but the impact is felt across all areas of sexual and reproductive healthcare. IPPF visited Malawi to document the impact on a female sex worker peer educator programme run by Family Planning Association of Malawi’s (FPAM).
Twice a week, some 8,000 young male and female vendors descend on Mitundu Market, 38km from Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. Some female vendors offer sex in exchange for lower prices, free transport and accommodation. Many young men spend small profits ...